SAW Sensor & Actuator Symposium

Due to the evolving Covid-19 situation, we have to postpone SAW Symposium 2020 to fall 2021.

Cutting edge Research and Industry together in one place – connected to the whole world …

The biennial SAW Symposium brings together partners from science and industry to create a platform for mediating ideas and inspiration towards innovative applications.
SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) based sensors and actuators are key components for the modern industrial society especially for industry 4.0, smart home and lab-on-a-chip systems.

SAW sensors are opening new options for industrial control and monitoring applications while emerging SAW actuators enhance the capabilities of modern atomizers and microfluidic systems. The Symposium will build bridges between new findings from science on one side and the requirements of industrial applications and professional laboratories on the other side. Therefore its program covers the latest research from academia as well as application-related talks from industrial end-users.

Exhibition & Sponsorship

The SAW Symposium provides an excellent possibility to reach research engineers from both academia and industry. Therefore we would like to invite you to participate as an exhibitor or a sponsor of this international symposium. click here for details


Creavac Creavac is GOLD sponsor of SAW Symposium 2020.
Polytec Polytec is SILVER sponsor of SAW Symposium 2020.

Media Partnership

MDPI actuators MDPI /Actuators/ is coffee break sponsor of SAW Symposium 2020.

MDPI /Actuators/ (ISSN 2076-0825) is an international peer-reviewed open access journal on the science and technology of actuators and control systems published quarterly online by MDPI.

Recent SAW Symposium – again a great success

The last Surface Acoustic Wave Sensor & Actuator Symposium took place on October 1 – 2, 2018, at the Westin Bellevue Dresden, Dresden, Germany.

SAW Symposium Tram

SAW Symposium 2018 Program

Final information on the program schedule of SAW Symposium 2018 can be found here.

2018 Exhibitors:

poytec-k_gelb_25m100y saw-components BelektroniG
scia Systems

Reasons to attend SAW Sensor & Actuator Symposium

Why should you think about going to SAW Sensor & Actuator Symposium. Here are five reasons … more …



Important Dates

SAW Symposium 2020 is

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