Symposium 2018

Many thanks to all attendees of Dresden SAW Sensor & Actuator Symposium 2018 !

2018 Program

Download: SAW Symposium 2018 Final Program

SAW Symposium details

Please find attendee information and more details on SAW Symposium 2018 below:

2018 Keynote presentations

Dr. Rei Goto (Skyworks Solutions, Inc.):

Modeling and Parameter Extraction of SAW Devices by Coupling of Modes Model

Dr. Marc Lamothe (Aviana Molecular Technologies, LLC):

Surface acoustic wave (SAW) based platform technology for characterization and identification of molecular interactions

Dr. Wieslaw Jakubik (Silesian University of Technology):

SAW studies of light activated RR-P3HT polymer films in warfare agent simulant (DMMP) detection


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