Surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors, an offspring of precision filters used in mobile communication devices are developed for various sensing applications in the industry.

They can be operated wirelessly and exhibit very good thermal stability for harsh environment applications. SAW Sensors have been reported for physical sensing properties like temperature, pressure, strain and torque/force measurement, but also for chemical and biological sensing applications.

The SAW sensor can be considered as a low energy device with a power consumption in the range of micro Watts and makes them therefore interesting candidates for sensing applications in combination with power harvesting.

In addition to the last two SAW Sensor Symposia also wired sensor applications should be addressed. Thus gas sensor applications and in general chemical and biological and further wired sensor development will be presented. This extension shall also widen the reception of the Symposium in the community.

The SAW sensor symposium will bring together the science and the industry. The goal of the event is to create a platform for cross-pollination of ideas between science and industry on SAW sensor technology while acting as inspiration for innovative and as yet unknown applications.

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline
July 1, 2016 (expired)

Notification of acceptance
July 13, 2016 (completed)

Early bird registration deadline
August 12, 2016 (expired)

Regular registration deadline
September 30, 2016 (expired)

Presentation submission deadline
October 7, 2016


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